Toyota Dyna of about 2006

A change minor with a diesel car. I acquire light truck first "low exhaust weight car" (NOx, PM10% reduction level) authorization by having renovated an engine in a series of improved model N04C. As for the shift lever, the AT car was located to the instrument panel by the interior decoration and it was retractable and changed the MT car. The parking brakes did a position low, too and it was retractable and changed it. I changed the radiator grille of the front desk to the horizontal basic tone by the decoration. In addition, I enlarged the vehicle setting of under greatest load capacity 3t that I could usually run with a license in the new driver's license system started in June, 2007, under vehicle gross weight 5t by having adopted a new chassis or coil-style independent suspension suspension. In addition, the hybrid car was changed minor for on October 4, the same year. In addition to the improvement of interior decoration, the decoration of the 2-4t product system diesel car, I make it small size, the high output of the motor for improvement and the drive of the N04C type diesel engine and make it macroscale of the inverter, and the high output of the battery performs making it it and improves performance. In addition to the "low exhaust weight car" (2005 standard NOx, PM10% reduction level) authorized acquisition, I in this way achieve light truck first "2015 weight car fuel economy standards".